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Environmental Statement

Addvent’s ‘Energy Saving’ products are our most environmentally friendly products to date: In use – through long-life motors, lower energy use and therefore reduced CO2 emissions; at the end of a product’s life – with highly recyclable parts such as the product body or motor.

Energy saving

100mm 4" Low Voltage Flush Fit Fan

Part Code: AVX100FFLV

100mm 4" Standard Low Wattage Fan

Part Code: AVX100LWS

100mm 4" Standard Low Wattage Standard Model Timer

Part Code: AVX100LWT

100mm 4" Standard Fan Low Wattage Humidistat Timer

Part Code: AVX100LWH

100mm 4" Standard LV Transformer Remote Switching

Part Code: AVX100LVLWS

100mm 4" Low Voltage Fan with Timer

Part Code: AVX100LVLWT

100mm 4" Low Voltage Fan with Humidistat and Timer

Part Code: AVX100LVLWH

Addvent Environmental Statement

Addvent offers a range of fans that comply with the stated requirements of Documents L & F.

With the 2010 changes to the Building Regulations, as well as minimum airflow requirements (Approved Document F) minimum energy efficiencies are now required (Approved Document L).

Addvent offers a complete product range designed to comply with the requirements. The new regulations require a minimum specific fan power (SFP) as minimum energy efficiency. This is measured in watts per litre per second (W/l/s) of airflow extracted and all models in the new L & F range comply.

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