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Domestic Accessories

  • A range of accessories for use with Addvent ventilation products from 100mm to 315mm
  • All window kits come complete with screws for single-glazed installation. Larger screws for double-glazed installations are available on request.

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100mm (4") accessories
  • AVA001 AVX100 Chrome cover.
  • AVA002 AVX100 Gold cover.
  • AVA003 AVX100 FF Chrome cover.
  • AVA004 AVX100 FF Gold cover.
  • AVA010 10 pack 50-110mm Worm Drive Clamps.
  • AVA050 100mm x 10m Flexible Aluminium Duct.
  • AVA100 100mm Rigid Aluminium Duct 1.5m.
  • AVA120 100mm PVC Ducting 3m.
  • AVA130 100mm x 10m Insulation Ducting.
  • AVA150 100mm Fixed Rxternal Grille (Grey).
  • AVA160 100mm Gravity Shutter (Grey).
  • AVA211 100mm White Shower Light Diffuser.
  • AVA212C 100mm Chrome Bezel.
  • AVA212B 100mm Brass Bezel.
  • AVA269 100mm Window Kit*.
  • AVA270 100mm Through Wall Vent Kit.
  • AVA401 100mm Air Valve.
  • AVA405 100mm Fusable Fire Damper.
  • AVA406 100mm Twin Blade Fire Damper.
  • AVA408 100mm Equal T piece.
  • AVA410 100mm Equal Y piece.
  • AVA440 100mm Condensation Trap.
  • AVA490 100mm 90 Bend.
120mm (5") accessories
  • AVA005 AVX 120 FF Gold Cover.
  • AVA006 AVX 120 FF Chrome Cover.
  • AVA060 120mm x 10m Flexible Aluminium Duct.
  • AVA066 120mm Air Valve.
  • AVA072 120mm Fusable Fire Damper.
  • AVA073 120mm Twin Blade Fire Damper.
  • AVA075 120mm T piece.
  • AVA075 120mm Y piece.
  • AVA170 120mm Fixed external grille (Grey).
  • AVA180 120mm Gravity shutter (Grey).
  • AVA267 120mm Window Kit*.
  • AVA271 120mm Through Wall Vent Kit.
150mm (6")accessories
  • AVA007 AVX150 FF Gold Cover.
  • AVA008 AVX150 FF Chrome Cover.
  • AVA011 10 Pack 60-165mm Worm Drive Clamps.
  • AVA070 150mm x 10m Flexible Aluminium Duct.
  • AVA078 1000mm x 150mm PVC Pipe.
  • AVA190 150mm Fixed Grille (Grey).
  • AVA200 150mm Gravity Grille (Grey).
  • AVA213C 150mm Chrome Bezel.
  • AVA213B 150mm Brass Bezel.
  • AVA268 150mm Window Kit*.
  • AVA280 150mm Through Wall Vent Kit (gravity/grille).
  • AVA300 150mm Rigid Aluminium Duct 400mm.
General Accessories
  • AVA703 Tumble Drier Vent Kit.