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Low-Voltage Control

  • standard, pull cord, timer, humidistat or humidistat with pull cord models
  • for use with low-voltage fans
  • LRT models for use with AVC low-voltage models
  • five-year warranty


  • RT12SN Standard model.
  • RT12PN Pull cord model.
  • RT12TN Timer model with integrated adjustable timer: 1-20 mins.
  • RT12HN Humidistat model; RH: 40-95%; and adjustable timer: 1-20 mins.
  • RT12HPN As RT12HN with Pull cord override switch.
  • LRT12H Large Humidistat transformer – for use with AVC110LV.
  • LRT12T Large Timer transformer – for use with AVC110LV.

Technical Data

ELECTRICAL: input: 220-240V ~50Hz ; output: 12V AC, ~50Hz; 25VA SELV (RT), 35VA (LRT); connect to the supply via a suitable doubple-pole isolating switch, min contact gap 3mm; protective fuse not to exceed 3A;
DIMENSIONS: RT range: 147w x 86h x 66d, LRT range: 147w x 86h x 78d;
CONSTRUCTION: in accordance with EN60742;
MOUNTING: must be mounted out of reach of the person using the bath or shower.